100% GF

We believe in good food without compromise – your right to eating real, fresh, authentic and delicious food without fear, whether you order traditional, gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free or vegan.

Guaranteed Gluten Free – Naturally so.


At Pica Pica we take pride in our artisan food, inspired in traditional recipes and handcrafted daily using fresh ingredients. Sticking to Venezuelan culinary tradition Pica Pica’s menu features four main ingredients: corn, plantain, yuca and taro root. These ingredients are naturally gluten-free; in fact, Pica Pica’s entire kitchen and menu is GUARANTEED 100% GLUTEN-FREE – so those with gluten allergies or sensitivities, and especially those with Celiac disease, need never worry about cross-contamination risks. We are not changing recipes or ingredients in order to achieve our gluten free and allergen friendly offering. Our food is naturally so.

In addition to using naturally gluten-free ingredients, we partner with Nima by 6SensorLabs to randomly test our ingredients and recipes on a regular basis to ensure that our food meets the FDA guidelines for gluten-free (less than 20 parts per million). We have also verified with a third party, Bia Diagnostics, that all ingredients tested had less than 5 ppm (test results). While we don’t change our menu, ingredients or brands often, we want to ensure that we are maintaining a high level of safety in our kitchen. We do that often in-house with Nima. [test results]

Since our launch in Napa in 2008 we have cultivated a relationship with the CCFNC through Jennifer Iscol “What Do You Know About Celiac Disease?”, founder of the North Bay Area Celiac Association; we participated in the NFCA Gluten-Free Chef Competition on Treasure Island, supported Camp Arroyo Celiac camp and have worked with Amy Fothergill, the Family Chef, to expand her gluten-free recipe book (see video). We are committed to offering a safe menu for anyone with gluten intolerances and Celiac disease.