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Kelley Tovar - Hello, I have recently found your blog and was wondering if you had a recipe for Hervido soup or Hervido de gallina?

Julia Brisbane - Was watching Guy’s show and saw a snippet of the episode of Guy in a Venezuelan restaurant in Norwalk, CT! I totally freaked. So I went online to see if I could relocate it and re-view it but under search when I typed in Arepas, nothing came up!

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was. Heartbroken, but not defeated I typed in Venezuelan dishes and Yes, your episode came up! Alas, I live in NH. Here I have to drive 2 hours to Saco,Maine for Luis’ Arepera or to Boston, MA for arepas. I had found a source for Harina Pan, but now they have switched over to Masarepa. I will keep watching your episode until I have it down pat.

I was born and raised in Caracas until I was twelve and moved to NH in the winter. Still not acclimated after 35 years. Yes, I’ve been back but not since 1999 when my dad died. It’s gotten so much worse, but still has my heart. Y mis padres son norteamericanos. Pero hay algo divino en nuestro pais.

Aprovecha Adriana, que sucedes con todo!



PS, I miss ‘tequenos’tambien