Adriana Lopez | bringing the arepa to the world


max harper - if this email goes to the lady that appeared with foodnetworks guy feiri, i just had to comment, i was so impressed with your beauty and personality, it was nice to see.

Adriana Lopez - Thank you! I really appreciate the comment and of course, I am flattered! Thank you!

Denise - You should write a cook book….fascinating! We need you in Hawaii! Maybe, someday!

Anonymous - If you are not married I will move and marry you you are so gorgeous!

Pam - Can you please tell me what flour to buy (cooked or not, corn) to make arepas. My niece lives in Hong Kong, Chine and cant find an arepa there.

Thank you,

david - Yes please the cookbook !!

Toca - Hi Adriana, I just watched Triple D and I have to say I was blown away by how cool you are and your food looks amazing. Pica Pica is now on my list of places to visit when I have a trip to San Fran. You are beautiful, passionate and your food looks so tasty. Well I hope to stop by one day, until then, keep up the good work and great vibes ;-)

mariana ortega - Sra Adriana le agradezco por ser una maravillosa persona emprendedora y apasionada con su negocio estoy infinitamente agradecida de formar parte de su equipo en picapica estoy orgullosa de formar parte de su equipo de trabajo ,mis bendiciones mil gracias

Kathleen Miller - Visited Pica Pica when we were in San Francisco. Loved it. Have been trying my hand at arepas. I also would like to see you author a cookbook. Hurry please!

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