I am still riding high from filming with Guy Fieri for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. The whole shoot, three days, felt like a time warp. Shutting down the restaurant, preparing to film the process of making our food, cooking with Guy — and after all that, opening Pica Pica for the evening dinner rush.

To cook our signature arepas for someone not greatly familiar with the food, and have that person totally get what we are all about, is hugely gratifying and forever imprinted in my heart. The shoot was awesome and so much FUN. Seriously. It was intense and focused, but Guy and I hit it off right away and had a great time with each recipe we made.

Replaying the 3 hours we spent filming together, I realize that Guy likes to get to know his guest. In between spoonful’s of food and jokes he asked me a series of pointed questions: Where did I go to school? How did I end up in the U.S.? How did the restaurant get started? How many kids do I have? What are their names and ages? Where is my husband from? Does he like my food? Is he fat? Where are the recipes from? What are the secret touches of the Lopez family? What is Venezuelan and what is Pica Pica?

I walked away feeling that he got a sense of the inspiration behind Pica Pica. And I know he was listening because his commentary on the food was right on. Really, I didn’t probe him. His comments on how the Arepa Pabellon has the amazing layers of texture and flavors, the love behind the recipes, the time invested in making each item, comes through. It is the passion we feel for our heritage. He got it and I was floored. My heart was filled with pride for Pica Pica, the owners and founders, but mostly for the team that makes this happen day in and day out.

We made Arepa Pabellon, Empanadas de Queso y Carne with Guasacaca and Cachapa Vegetariana on the show. I am really glad we choose to make the vegetarian cachapa. Guy’s sister Morgan was a vegetarian and it seemed like vegetarian dishes hold a special place in his heart. This one captured him. The many textures, corn kernels, morena sauce, sweet plantains, avocado and the marinated tofu — It’s awesome and I’m proud to be able to give people good food without compromise.

In the last five and a half years of serving arepas, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing first hand our customer’s response to it. That “wow” moment when they say, “this is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted.” It triggers a connection to home cooking, wholesomeness and a flavor that satisfies. So for me, although not everyone can relate to the heritage of the ingredients, they can enjoy its uniqueness and deliciousness.

What is so incredible about that “first bite” of an arepa was also reflected in Guy’s response to it. When he tried the Arepa Pabellon, he was in awe. Once again, we were able to “wow” someone, and on the Food Network no less!

I would love to keep this high I am feeling now. It would be great to meet Guy again and film another segment with him. I am proud of the show, but I’m also nervous. What will this show do for our business? Are we ready for the impact? We have been focusing on understanding what it means to double down and make it happen. But it’s scary — the thought of being so public. Gotta get ready;)

And you, my friend, get ready to be arepa-ed at Pica Pica.


Nancy Schuelke - I LOVE AREPAS AND CACHAPAS. I have never seen anyone add shortening to their AREPAS. Can you tell me why? Also, Did you add cornmeal to the cachapas to keep it together? I find corn to be too juicy to stay as a cachapa. Thanks for your response.

Adriana Lopez - Nancy, the shortening (or vegetable oil if you prefer) helps keep the arepas from cracking (essentially, keep the edges smooth). And it helps give a nice, velvety texture to the dough (it needs to be well kneaded and rested!).
As for the cachapas, we add some of the same Harina P.A.N used for the arepas to help it stay together and we don’t add water or milk (there are some recipes that suggest that). I find that the natural juices of the corn is just perfect.
Thanks for writing! I know these are hard to make, so I will be posting recipes and step by step photos with each to walk people through it. If you do make cachapas or arepas, please send me photos.

LCI - I’m in search of your cachapas recipe (the one with the tofu and plantains)…since I’m several thousand kilometres away and can’t eat the real thing. Have you shared the recipe online somewhere?

tina rogers - i saw your place on triple d’s and wanted to know if i can get the ingredients for the tofu marinade. i thought it looked yummy and wanted to try it since i could never afford to go to cali. ty

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Tracy - I am watching Triple D. Guy has his son Hunter along in Southern CA. If he is going to have him on the show could he please teach him how to eat with his mouth closed. He is on national TV after all.
Guy has perfected the eating with your mouth full technique.

I am just saying. I love the Triple D though.

Chris - Adriana……you were a “natural” on the show ( and very pretty).You should get your own cooking show. I’d watch it. I’m in Dallas…..didn’t catch where you guys were. Keep up the good work. Much love & peace from Texas….Chris

Ashley Victoria Cannon - I throughly enjoy your blog. You experiences are delightful and are fresh compared to other blogs.

Thank you!

Ashley Victoria Cannon - Pica,

Thank you for sharing your experience filming Diners, Drive-ins, Dives. It is refreshing and totally different than most blog articles out there. I can tell that you learned a lot from the filming and it is something that helped you further launch your passion.

Please keep up the interesting posts.

All the best,


Denys Torrealba - Hola adriana me siento muy orgullosa de saber que nuestra comida tipica es muy bien aceptada for la comunidad anglosajona. me dio mucho gusto verte en el programa soy una fan de food network. Me gustaria saber si me podrias facilitar la receta de la cachapa vegetariana? soy venezolana pero como yo los hago no me gustan mucho. Les deseo muchos exitos y que Dios los bendiga..

Ada Valiente Fagundo - Adriana x favor me fascinan.las cachapas pero nunca e quedan bien
x favor me puedes ayudar con tus consejos
soy cubana pero adoro sus comidas

César - Saludos desde South Africa!
Vi el programa hoy!

Milagro - Hello Adriana, como estas?I wish I was I little closer to you, but I live in Upstate NY, very close to Canada. I am in the very early steps of putting a business plan together to get my “Arepa Mia” business going, the community is anxious to get a taste of what our delicious food is all about! Do you have any advice for me as a first time small business owner? Any recommendations on harina pan suppliers? Felicidades por el show y gracias por llevar un pedacito de lo nuestro a ese lado del mando! Eres orgullo Venezolano.

Ronnie Attiq - Hi Adriana, my wife owns a resturant in San Diego California called El Borrego Restaurant specializing in Cochinita Pibil, vegetarian pozole, Barbacoa, can you tell me the process it took to write him.

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