It’s been over two months since we filmed with Guy Fieri and there has been a wonderful outpouring of support for our upcoming appearance on Dinners Drive-Inns Dives (Triple D). We are so excited that the air date is almost here, so we’ve planned a celebration the night of the 19th at our Valencia location in the Mission at 6:30.  Stop by and join us, or follow us online during both the 6:30 and 9:30 airings of the show.  We’ll be giving away prizes for trivia and trivial fun. Watch the show and let us know what you think here or on my “Welcome” post on the home page of the blog.  Enjoy the show!  I can’t wait to hear from you!


For future air dates, see the Food Network website, here.



Marcos Esquivel - Adriana,
The Pica Pica show on DDD was incredibly inviting… I hope it brings even more business to your successful restaurant. You looked charming and gave Pica Pica an exciting personality. The food you prepare looked delicious… made me hungry. I am from Mexico City and like good food around the world. I particularly liked the simple arepa de carne mechada with beans, plantains and queso fresco. The show made me want to fly to San Fran just to meet you at Pica Pica.
Where I live there is only one good Venezuelan restaurant, Valencia in Norwalk… you should check it out. It proves that there is demand in this area for Pica Pica exoansion. Any plans to open a restaurant in the East Coast?
Felicidades y mucho exito!
Stamford CT

Adriana Lopez - Gracias Marcos! Me llena de mucho placer leer tu mensaje. Yes, we would love to expand to the East Coast, but one step at a time ;) Stay tuned.
The arepa pabellon, featured on the show, is Venezuela’s national dish and the one that truly represents our heritage, so I am really happy that our passion for it came through.
Gracias una vez mas!

1 - 1

Olga - Wow acabo de ver el programa por primera vez hoy pero que orgullo, no soy venezolana pero colombiana y Soy afisonada a las cachapas y las arepas venezolanas! Me encanto el programa! Felicidades y espero algun dia estar en tu restaurante!

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