LOVE IN A GLASS | pica pica’s passion fruit sangria

Passion Fruit is a signature ingredient at Pica Pica.  This fruit comes from the passion flower vine (Passiflora edulis) that is indigenous to Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, but commonly grown all over South and Central America, Southeast Asia and South Africa.   It is a small round fruit, yellow or purple on the outside, with black seeds wrapped in a juicy yellow membrane – with an incredible intensity of flavors.

At Pica Pica, we use Passion Fruit to give a twist to some of our traditional recipes.  We developed what has become our signature Passion Fruit vinaigrette, which makes any salad a party! We also use it as an ingredient for a Fruit Fresca drink, as well as a base for our signature Passion Fruit Sangria, whether white, pink or red.

A traditional Spanish and Portuguese drink, Sangria comes directly to us from the Spanish influence in our culture; Sangria’s refreshing properties are a perfect fit for Venezuela’s year-round tropical weather.  At Pica Pica we also serve it year round, regardless of whether it’s hot or cold outside!

Our Passion Fruit Sangria is unique because of the care we take in making it. We start with good quality wine; add our own twist using Passion Fruit as the main fruit element; sweeten with a blend of pure sugar cane and a secret combination of spices; and finally, garnish it with pineapple and apples. Simply put, our Passion Fruit sangria is a little bit of “Love in a Glass.”

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