No Holiday season is complete without Hallacas. We’re helping everyone celebrate again this year by offering in-store and online sales/shipping to our near and distant friends. Shipped frozen and incased in a styrofoam cooler, they arrive in perfect condition.  Call to place your order: 415-400-5453 



Jennifer Gordillo - Hi I live in Moraga by the east bay, and I would like to know if are going to have hallacas and pan de jamon im dec, and how much its the price thank you!!

Victoria K Williams - Making hallacas at Williams-Sonoma last night was THE BEST! Thanks for the warm, family-like atmosphere you and your team created.

I steamed my hallaca and am keeping it in the fridge for a special day during this holiday season. The pan de jamón was delicious for a late-night snack last night. More tonight. . . with cerveza.

Can you tell me where I can buy (probably online) an arepa-maker?

¡Mil gracias y hasta pronto!

Cristina - Hi Adriana
Thanks for the Hallacas’ video. It was very helpful for explaining my daughter and his friends how hallacas are made.
Un abrazo,

Adriana Lopez - That is great! How old is your daughter? What was their favorite part?
Making the dough alone is a great activity for groups of children… Enjoy and tell me more please!

Adriana Lopez - Hi Victoria, it was a pleasure having you at the Wiiliams Sonoma Hallacada! It was a great class and I hope that it becomes a tradition at WS! Let me know when you eat th hallaca you made. I hope it takes you down to memory lane, back to your time in Venezuela.

As for an arepamaker check out Amazon, they have a few good options. But nothing like making thm yourself… I will let you know when I do an arepa demo… after making hallacas you can definately do arepas by hand,

Adriana Lopez - Yes we do! You can pre-order them on our website viaPaypal http://www.picapicakitchen.com or just come by the restaurant i SF or Napa to buy them (and eat one while you are there!!).

ana - Vinimos a pasar la navidad en Virginia y estoy buscando donde comprar hallacas, llame al telefono pero no pude dejar mensaje, me puedes dar otro numero o llamarme al 727 564 2044. Gracias.


Ana Malle

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