Did you know that corn has been present in the Americas for thousands of years?  Around the time of the discovery of America, there were more than 50 species of corn that were being cultivated in North and South America.  Nowadays, there are still multiple varieties of corn being cultivated in these regions.  In particular in Venezuela the predominant species is known as Cariaco or Amapa, a white corn that grows in abundance in the country.

When it comes down to popcorn, a beloved snack in the United States, the corn species that best ‘pops’ is the Zea mays averta, a special kind of flint corn that has been cultivated for the purposes of corn popping. Corn kernels pop because they have a dense starchy filling inside a perfectly moisture-sealed hull, that when it is exposed to heat it explodes from the pressure (about 135 psi)!


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