HALLACADA @ Pica Pica 2010!

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December 7th, 2010- Pica Pica Maize Kitchen’s first HALLACADA.  The restaurant was set up to invite anyone to make their own hallacas.Explaining the step-by-step process of how to assemble an hallaca.  From which side of the plantain leaf to use all the way to how to wrap it like a gift with cooking twine.Tasting the unique 3 meat stew: chicken (hen), beef and pork with raising, capers, olives and many other condiments that make this stew a unique sweet, sour and spicy concoction!

Flattening the dough over the smooth side of the plantain leaf.  Simply use a cutting board to flatten  (a piece of plastic used to avoid the dough fro sticking to the board).

“Los Adornos”.  After flattening the dough, place some stew in the middle of the dough and place the decorations (‘adornos’- a sampling of the main ingredients in the stew) over it. You just ned a small sampling of the igredients- 1 piece of red bell pepper, 1 or 2 pieces of onions, 2-3 slices of olives, 3-4 capers, 3-4 pieces of sliced almonds or 1 almond (peeled), a couple of raising, and ONE piece of slat pork.
Make sure not to ‘over decorate’!  Otherwise the hallaca will crack!People were posting away!Connie and Patsy wrapping their hallacas with the 2nd leaf.Closing the hallaca, making sure both ends of the dough connect or ‘kiss’;)Hmmm- looks like a cracked hallaca…  probably over decorated…!Wrapping- make sure the twine is long enough to go around the hallaca 2-3 times.  This ensures that the leaves don’t come undone during the cooking process.  Just like a gift;)Sinuhe and Winston, wrapping away!Proud Patsy with her first hallaca!True Pica Pica fans!  Dan Stevens and Marie Ferris.Quentin learns how to make an hallaca, finally!Que sabroso!  After boiling or steaming for 45 minutes, cut the twine, unwrap the ‘faja’ (belt) and 2nd leaf, and serve on a plate with the base leaf (do not eat the plantain leaf!)
El equipo!  Gustavo, Sinuhe, Juan y Marisol.We put out hallacas on bags in order to ensure that no water will get in the hallaca after two boiling processes.  they stay very moist!What is she doing in there!?!?!

To get copies of photographs taken of you at the event, send me an email from the menu bar above.

What are you cooking in your kitchen for the Holidays?  Let us know in the comment field bellow.


maria cetto - Que bellas las fotos de la Hallacada. Hubiese querido estar alli.
Pica Pica me encanta!

Adriana Lopez - Gracias! Estaremos haciendo hallacas el viernes 17 en Napa, en caso de que quieras pasar. Tendremos al Venezuelan Music Project con una parranda! De 7-10. Oxbow Market.

waldemar Albrecht - Adriana que exito! que tops! Clarisa and I are sooo proud of you and are looking forward to working with the Pica Pica family!

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