Pica Pica @ SFWeekly DISH event

YouTube Preview ImagePica Pica participated at SFWeekly’s annual DISH event at the METREON in SF.  There were a ton of restaurants and bars, offering all sorts of things (pastries, kebabs, burritos, crepes, tequila and fancy vodkas and wine and beer)… It was really well attended, about 1,200 people…  A big crowd to feed!  We served our newest introduction to the Pica Pica Bar menu in Napa- Chile Negro- a two meat chile made with black beans.  We served it with a bite size arepa.  I think people really liked it because I wasn’t able to look up too often as we served up to the last bean!

This video gives you a good sense of what the event was like (seems to me that the hot theme in town is all LATIN!)


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