WILLIAMS – SONOMA – serving up some arepas!

Wow- I have cooked arepas in a lot of places, but nothing like the demo kitchen at Williams Sonoma in Union Square (SF).  WOW- imagine having all imaginable cooking utensils available to you, right there!

We prepared arepas form scratch, using the authentic and traditional HARINA PAN (pre-cooked white corn flour).  We then made one of our top selling filling at Pica Pica (and in Venezuelan areperas too!), REINA PEPEADA.  It’s a chicken salad like no other- with avocado, onions, cilantro, lime, peppers, mayo, and hot sauce.  The name refers to Susan Dujim, Venezuela’s first Miss World in 1955.  ”Reina” means Queen and “Pepeada” means voloptously beautiful…

We served freshly made arepas and arepa bites that we passed around the store.  


Frank A. Hunter - I love AREPAS. I know how to make the maza and form the AREPA. What I have trouble with is knowing how to tell when they are ready. Pan, Toaster Oven, or Oven??? Is there a cook book specializing in AREPAS?

Adriana Lopez - ok- the best thing to use is a flat griddle or a pan to cook them. Lightly oil the surface and put them on. The great thing about arepas is that the flour is pre-cooked, so all you are really doing is shaping the dough to make the round flatbread and cooking it to give it crunchiness!
usually 5 minutes on each side should be enough, but the best way to test doneness is to tap the arepa in the middle. If it sounds hollow then it is done!

Keith - Save yourself the hassle and get a tosty arepa. It’s a little machine that makes perfect little crunchy arepas. Oster makes it.

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